I’ve been using LastPass for the last 5 years but I recently switched to SafeInCloud. Why?

I felt that LastPass was too obtrusive.  I was kind of annoyed when it pre-filled the username/password input fields. Because sometimes I wanted to enter a username/password that wasn’t in LastPass and the plugin would usually mess things up. It replaced the username (with the one in LastPass) if I entered the wrong password etc.
I couldn’t change the language, the Swedish translation wasn’t that good and I couldn’t change to English. Having some text translated into not so good Swedish and some not at all made it look amateurish. Otherwise it’s packed with features and the price is affordable, $12 per year. But it’s usually the small things that matter.

SafeInCloud is less obtrusive and free-ish. There is a one-time cost for the mobile app which is $4.99. Compared to other password managers, that’s a very good price. When things cost less than a beer, you can’t really complain 🙂 SafeInCloud doesn’t have it’s own backend, so you need a cloud storage service to be able to synch password between devices.  There is one thing that’s a bit annoying, you need to have the desktop application running in order to use the browser plugins. But I can live with that. I like the fact that there is a desktop app, it’s faster to use than a web based service like LastPass.

I did research alternatives before deciding to go with SafeInCloud, but they were either lacking in features or too expensive.

Service Price Comment
True Key $19,99 annually No Safari support.
F-Secure KEY $29,99 annually No Safari support.
1password $35,88 annually
Dashlane $39,99 annually

By the way, if you’re not using a password manager, you should! Reusing passwords is a security risk. Putting all your passwords in one basket is risky too, but a far better option than reusing passwords. Be sure to choose a strong master password. If you don’t care about the price, do check out the alternatives, otherwise SafeInCloud is a good choice.


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